Millions of men and women silently carry the grief of a secret abortion in their hearts. They are silenced by shame. They are silenced by the belief that they are alone and no one can understand their pain. They fear that "It's just something wrong with me. No one else feels this way after an abortion.

We call them the "walking wounded." They need to know it is normal and necessary to grieve after an abortion.

It is necessary to seek emotional and spiritual healing.

Where you may get help

If you are seeking help or know someone who is, write to Dr. David C. Readon, Elliot Institute, P. O. Box 7348-B, Springfield, IL 62791-7348. Or order his books at 1-800-BOOKLOG (800-266-5564)

Mason County Right to Life

P. O. Box 233

Mount Alto, WV 25264


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